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Welcome and thank you for visiting Discount Visqueen. Here at Discount Visqueen, we provide you with all your needs for plastic poly sheeting film and containment supplies.

Plastic Poly Sheeting Specials
4 Mil WHITE FLAME RETARDANT Polyethylene Sheeting 6 Mil x 16' x 100' BLACK Polyethylene Sheeting (Poly/visqueen) Clear Poly 2-Pack Special
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The types of poly sheeting plastic we carry:

• Painter Plastic
• Clear Plastic Sheeting
• Containment Room Plastic
• String Reinforced Poly
• Flame Retardant Polyethylene
• Woven Plastic Poly Sheeting
• Black Halloween Film
• Haunted House Wall Covers
• Plastic Visqueen
• Black Machinery Film
• Ice Skating Rink Plastic Rolls
• Construction Enclosure Sheeting

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We Carry The Folowing Products but Not Limited To:
Surface Shields
Aerospace America
Abatement Technologies

Polyethylene Sheeting rolls can be used for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential applications. Polyethylene Sheeting is waterproof, rot proof, and resistant to many chemicals. Perfect as a vapor and weather barrier in construction, the asbestos abatement fields, a drop cloth for your painting business, or as a weed barrier for agricultural and landscape uses.

Visqueen comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Whether you’re looking to seal off a room before painting, laying down crops, providing a reliable barrier to the elements, protect new construction homes or buildings, building a home-made ice skating rink or making your own haunted house for Halloween; Discount Visqueen has you covered!

Polyethylene Sheeting is a durable, multi-purpose plastic material. Wrinkle and weather resistant, sheeting can be reused multiple times with a variety of applications. It has excellent durability in both hot and cold temperatures and exhibits stability in outdoor applications. Plastic Sheeting is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Different Methods For Using Poly Sheeting

1 Mil | 10x100 | 1.5 Mil | 20x100 | 2 Mil | 40x100 | 3 Mil | 8x100 | 4 Mil | 12x100 | 6 Mil | 8 Mil | 10 Mil

Clear Poly
Clear Plastic  Poly Sheeting

Clear Plastic Poly Sheeting can be used to protect equipment, cover exposed roofs, machinery and materials from dust, moisture and dirt.

Clear or translucent polyethylene sheets are strong transmitters of sunlight, and trap heat. One advantage of Clear poly over Black poly is the translucence and visibility through the plastic sheeting.

40 x 100 x 6 mil, Clear Poly, Ideal for Ice Skating Rinks

Note: 6 mil clear, 10 mil clear, 6 mil string reinforced clear, 10 mil string reinforced clear are suitable for ice skating rinks.

Clear Plastic Poly Sheeting Data Sheet

Black Poly
Black Plastic Poly Sheeting

Black Plastic Poly Sheeting conceals your products as it protects it from the elements. Great for use on construction materials and equipment.

Black polyethylene sheets are strong absorbers of sunlight, and get very hot. Black sheets have longer useful lifetimes than Clear Poly.

Great plastic poly sheeting for Haunted Houses around Halloween.

Black Plastic Poly Sheeting Data Sheet

Flame Retardant Poly
Flame Retardant Plastic Poly Sheeting

Flame Retardant Plastic Poly Sheeting Consists of two plastic sheets of high strength fire retardant film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene. A heavy polyester scrim reinforcement placed between these plies greatly enhances tear resistant and increases service life.

Perfect for where flammable polyethylene sheet film is not allowed.  

Great fire retardant plastic sheeting rolls for Haunted Houses on Halloween.

Flame Retardant Plastic Poly Sheeting Data Sheet

String Poly
String Plastic Poly Sheeting

String Reinforced Plastic Poly Sheeting is manufactured from a triple laminate of low density poly, with a special strengthening additive, and is then reinforced with cross tied polyester tire cord.

Woven, Reinforced and superior heavy-duty film resists tears in any direction.

The benefits of string polyethylene over woven polyethylene is that string poly is translucent and woven poly is opaque.

Great for building a home-made ice skating rink.

Note: 6 mil clear, 10 mil clear, 6 mil string reinforced clear, 10 mil string reinforced clear are suitable for ice skating rinks.

String Reinforced Plastic Poly Sheeting Data Sheet

Woven Poly
Woven Plastic Poly Sheeting

Woven Reinforced Plastic Poly Sheeting is made with lightweight interwoven opaque poly strips. It is flexible, durable, reusable, and easy to handle.  Ideal for weather protection, abatement, containment, scaffold enclosures and much more.

Woven, Reinforced and superior heavy-duty film resists tears in any direction. 

Woven Reinforced Plastic Poly Sheeting Data Sheet

Self Adhering Sticky Poly
Woven Plastic Poly Sheeting

Self Adhering Sticky Poly™ Sheeting is made with a adhesive that is safe for vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is dedicated to improving safety, increasing speed and lowering cost in the abatement fields. It is iIdeal for abatement, containment and much more. It holds two times the negative pressure requirements for removal of asbestos. Contractors reduce overall costs, improving profits, and competitiveness to win more contracts.

2010 Lead Law: Product Guide & Information

Beginning in April 2010, federal law will require that contractors performing renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities, and schools built before 1978 must be certified in the new EPA Renovation, Repair & Painting Rule (RRP) and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination. Visit  for more information regarding the new lead laws.

Those who have already completed a one-day Lead Safe Work Practices course or lead abatement certification are eligible to complete the Remodelers Refresher course.  Any prior Lead Safe Work Practices training is not sufficient to meet the requirements of this new Federal Law.  After April 22, 2010, the EPA, or a state agency enforcing the regulations, can fine a company $37,500 per infraction, per day. The new rules also render companies vulnerable to the threat of a civil suit for noncompliance.

Lead Remodelers and Renovators Certification & Refresher Course information can be found by visiting:

Examples Of Products You'll Need For The 2010 Lead Laws

Hepa Vacuums For Lead Removal
Lead Encapsulants
Poly Sheeting For Lead Abatement
Air Scrubbing Machines For Lead Abatement
Poly Hangers For Lead Abatement
Lead Safe Wipes
Lead Paint Strippers
Lead Signs For Lead Abatement
Containment Rooms For Lead Abatement
Respirators For Lead Abatement
Burial Bags For Lead Abatement
Disposable Clothing For Lead Abatement
Lead Test Kits For Lead Abatement
Tacky Mats For Lead Removal
Latex Gloves For Lead Abatement
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