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Frequently Asked Questions & Tips For Plastic Sheeting

How To Use Poly Sheeting As A Weed Barrier For Landscaping/Home Garden

*One of the best uses for black plastic sheeting is as a weed barrier in your landscaping or garden. 6 mil black plastic sheeting is the best product for this use, as it is relatively thick and will block weeds from coming through the plastic. A roll of black plastic sheeting is usually 100 feet long and comes in a variety of widths, such as 8’, 10’ and 12’. A 100 ft roll of black plastic sheeting will go a long way and provide a lot of coverage.


• 6 mil Black Plastic Poly Sheeting roll
• Stakes / Anchors
• Garden Shovel


1. Remove any plants or weeds growing where the weed barrier will be placed. Also remove any sticks, twigs or rocks that might tear the weed barrier. Any holes in the weed barrier will allow weeds to grow through.

2. Cut the weed barrier in pieces to fit your space and place the weed barrier on the ground. Overlap pieces by about six inches. Use rocks to hold the plastic down during the installation process. Once all the weed barrier has been properly placed, attach it to the ground using metal or plastic anchors. Bury the edges of the weed barrier in a shallow trench.

3. Cover the weed barrier with mulch or stone. The choice of weed-barrier cover is usually based on cost, availability and aesthetics. Some weeds may sprout in mulch, but the amount is minimal compared to the growth in open soil.

Additional Tips: The sheeting works especially well in areas of the landscaping that are covered with rocks or small pebbles, to prevent weeds from coming through. You can also place black plastic sheeting down before laying bricks, pavers or other materials for walkways or patios.

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