BearAcade Sticky Poly™ - Carpet Protection Film - 48" x 200'

  • Model: 48x200 BCADE
  • Manufactured by: BearAcade

 BearAcade Sticky Poly™ Sheeting Film 

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 BearAcade Sticky Poly™ Sheeting Film 

 It is dedicated to improving safety, increasing speed and lowering cost in the abatement fields. Look for the BearAcade Logo covering each roll to ensure BearAcade's quality.

Features & Benefits:

• Hand or machine application; machine application results in a 10 fold increase in the average square feet per hour; significant increase (2 fold) in the average number of criticals per hour.
• Contractors reduce overall costs, improving profits, and competitiveness to win more contracts.

• Does not fall from walls - stays up until the job is finished. No time lost reapplying a failed containment.

• Superior holding power. The films are fully coated with an adhesive designed for abatement conditions. Holds two times the negative pressure requirements for removal of asbestos.

• Eliminate “billowing” from wall and floors. Improves vision within the containment, eliminates accidental snagging of the billowing film with tools or equipment, and floors are less slippery than “billowed” floors.

• Improves clean up and vacuuming. Floor layers are bonded to each other resulting in a surface that is easily cleaned.

• Eliminates the need for spray adhesive primers during installation.

• No clean up of adhesive residue prior to repainting.

• Reduces damage to painted wallboard surfaces, reducing prep work prior to repainting.

• Superior seal quality of the overall containment. Fully coated sheets result in improved seal over the total containment. Conformance to asbestos abatement regulations.


Product Types & Sizes:

• 6 Mil Multi-Surface / 48” x 200'
• 6 Mil Carpet / 48” x 200’