Kontrol Kube Topsider - Hospital Containment Units - Mobile Cube

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Kontrol Kube Topsider

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Kontrol Kube Topsider

The Kontrol Kube Topsider is a mobile containment unit used to build a negative pressure environment for containing airborne pathogens during maintenance, renovations and repairs. The Topsider offers ceiling access of up to 10’ which is perfect for cabling, light fixture repair, fire sprinkler testing and repairs and ceiling tile removal.

The Topsider also side door allows for wall or vertical surface access

Built with all aluminum framed components and a reinforced nylon California fire marshal rated enclosure, the Topsider is designed to last when used daily for construction and renovation, as well as ensure regulatory compliance

The Kontrol Kube Topsider provides:

  • Negative Pressure Containment
  • Ceiling access for above 10' Ceiling Work like Cabling, Sprinkler and Light Fixture Repair
  • Complete Mobility – Solid 30” wide wheel base which enables movement of tools, equipment and supplies through all AIA & NPFA approved doors.

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