ZipUp - Peel and Stick Zipper Doorway System - Dust Barrier

Zip Up Peel and Stick Zipper Doorway System

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Zip Up Peel and Stick Zipper Doorway System

  • After removing the poly coated paper backing, ZIP UP TM is applied to the desired access area.
  • With a razor knife, the cut is made creating access!
  • A single ZIP UP TM forming a slot or flap is the simplest application.
  • Two units spaced apart will create an opening that can be rolled up for even more access.  This is very useful for moving materials and equipment into sealed areas.  This enables the user to reduce the spread of dust and debris, as well as conserving energy.

    ZIP UP TM is considered to be an important element in the design and installation of environmental containment systems.

This method contains 100% of sandblast and paint residuals when closed.  The zipper enables the containment process to be weatherproof and provides an airtight containment as specified in the SSPC Guid61.

  • NO special tapes, glues, or heat guns are needed. 
  • NO more securing and re-securing coverings.
  • NO more ugly duct tape seal-ups.  They're now are a thing of the past.