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Frequently Asked Questions & Tips For Plastic Sheeting


I have a roll of plastic sheeting that is not wide enough for my project and I am on a budget, is there any solution for me?

If you need to extend your width of your plastic sheeting you can join two pieces together by using a reinforced weather proof tape.

How do you build a home-made ice Skating rink with 6 mil/10 mil clear string reinforced or 6 mil/10 mil clear plastic sheeting liners?

This only works if you live in a northern climate where it reaches freezing temperatures for a good part of the winter. Rink must be constructed before freeze... (Click for full answer)

How To Make A Homemade Slip n' Slide?

This will allow you to construct a custom backyard water slide to your desired specifications... (Click for full answer)

How To Build A Backyard Greenhouse?

These guidelines will allow you to construct a simple backyard "tunnel" style greenhouse that can expand your gardening possibilities. A backyard greenhouse can extend the growing season and, in cooler climates, allow you to grow plants that would not normally survive. In warmer climates, year round gardening may now become a reality. In addition to altering growing conditions, a backyard greenhouse provides protection for delicate plants by blocking wind and rain as well as preventing frost from forming... (Click for full answer)

How To Insulate And Moisture Proof A Crawl Space?

A vapor barrier is used to prevent the penetration or movement of moisture from one area to another. It acts as a physical shield that repels moisture and keeps it from entering enclosed cavities of your home. In this tutorial we will be using 6 mil plastic poly sheeting as our vapor barrier... (Click for full answer)

How To Winterize Windows?

Plastic poly sheeting can be used to insulate the windows in your home. According to the 2007 Buildings Energy Data Book, space heating is the largest single drain on the average household's energy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), energy loss through windows are the cause of a tenth to a quarter of that heating bill. So it makes sense to winterize those windows... (Click for full answer)

How To Winterize Screened Porches Or Summer Homes?

Plastic poly sheeting can be used to insulate the windows and doors in your screened porch or summer home. Thicker mil poly sheeting can provide better insulation than many pre-made winterization kits. Bulk poly sheeting also offers the flexibility to cut the exact size of plastic you need rather than dealing with pre-cut pieces that may or may not work for your application... (Click for full answer)

How To Use Poly Sheeting As A Weed Barrier For Landscaping/Home Garden?

One of the best uses for black plastic sheeting is as a weed barrier in your landscaping or garden. 6 mil black plastic sheeting is the best product for this use, as it is relatively thick and will block weeds from coming through the plastic. A roll of black plastic sheeting is usually 100 feet long and comes in a variety of widths, such as 8’, 10’ and 12’. A 100 ft roll of black plastic sheeting will go a long way and provide a lot of coverage... (Click for full answer)