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Frequently Asked Questions & Tips For Plastic Sheeting

How To Winterize Screened Porches Or Summer Homes

*Plastic poly sheeting can be used to insulate the windows and doors in your screened porch or summer home. Thicker mil poly sheeting can provide better insulation than many pre-made winterization kits. Bulk poly sheeting also offers the flexibility to cut the exact size of plastic you need rather than dealing with pre-cut pieces that may or may not work for your application.


• Plastic Poly Sheeting roll of desired size and thickness
• Finishing nails
• Tape measure
• Hair Dryer


1. Prep the area. Prior to hanging poly sheeting it is recommended that you first clean the areas which will be covered. You will also want to remove any window treatments at this time.

2. Check for drafts. It may be necessary to apply insulative strips to any exceptionally drafty areas around doors or glass windows. Holding a lit candle near potentially drafty areas will help you determine if additional insulation is necessary.

3. Measure the areas you will be covering. When measuring windows and doors for poly sheeting, measure all the way to the outside of the trim. This way you will have enough extra plastic to secure the poly sheeting.

4. Put up the plastic sheeting. Once you've cut your poly sheeting to size, attach it to your doors and windows using finishing nails, starting at the top trim and working your way down, making sure to pull the plastic tight at the bottom. Take care to not hammer the finishing nails all the way in. This will make for easier removal come spring time. A hair dryer set on low can help to tighten up any plastic that seems loose. You may now replace any window treatments if desired.

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