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Frequently Asked Questions & Tips For Plastic Sheeting

How To Winterize Windows

*Plastic poly sheeting can be used to insulate the windows in your home. According to the 2007 Buildings Energy Data Book, space heating is the largest single drain on the average household's energy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), energy loss through windows are the cause of a tenth to a quarter of that heating bill. So it makes sense to winterize those windows.


• Plastic Poly Sheeting roll of desired size and thickness
• Double sided tape
• Hair Dryer


1. Measure for the poly sheeting. Cut a piece of plastic slightly larger than the window you want to cover. An 8’x50’ roll of 4 mil clear poly sheeting will give you enough plastic to cover many windows.

2. Apply double-sided tape to the frame of the window. If you notice a draft coming from behind the window casing, apply the tape to the drywall just beyond the casing.

Tip: Test the double-sided tape on a small area before applying to see if removing it will strip paint from the window frame.

3. Put the plastic wrap onto the double-sided tape. Take your time to avoid creases and runs in the plastic, which should be applied evenly and tautly.

4. Shrink the plastic sheeting using a hair dryer set on low. Constantly move the hair dryer back and forth to prevent the hair dryer from melting the plastic. Stop when there are no wrinkles on the plastic wrap.

5. Cut the excess plastic from the side of the double-side tape opposite the window.

6. Inspect the plastic for leaks. The double-sided tape can pull away from the window frame as the hair dryer tightens the plastic. Add double-sided tape to where you find leaks.

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