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Frequently Asked Questions & Tips For Plastic Sheeting

How To Insulate And Moisture Proof A Crawl Space

*A vapor barrier is used to prevent the penetration or movement of moisture from one area to another. It acts as a physical shield that repels moisture and keeps it from entering enclosed cavities of your home. In this tutorial we will be using 6 mil plastic poly sheeting as our vapor barrier.


• 6 mil Plastic Poly Sheeting roll
• Duct tape
• Construction adhesive
• Concrete
Fiberlock IAQ 900


1. Lay down the poly sheeting. Vapor barriers must be continuous to be effective. Cover the entire crawl space floor with 6 mil poly sheeting. Using a roll of poly sheeting will allow you to cut one large piece to lay down in your crawl space. If you need to use more than one piece of plastic, overlap all seams two feet and seal with duct tape. Extend the outside edge of the plastic sheeting up the foundation wall at least six inches above the grade.

2. Form a tight seal. Seal the plastic to the foundation wall with concrete tape, construction adhesive or a pressure-treated nailing strip.

3. Cap with concrete. Pour two inches of concrete over the poly sheeting to protect it from damage. This will allow access to the area without fear of puncturing the plastic.

Tip: As an additional step, once the concrete has cured, you may apply a coating such as Fiberlock IAQ 900 which will moisture proof the area and help to prevent mold.

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