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Frequently Asked Questions & Tips For Plastic Sheeting

How To Build A Home-Made Ice Skating Rink With Poly Sheeting

How do you build a home-made ice Skating rink with 6 mil/10 mil clear string reinforced or 6 mil/10 mil clear plastic sheeting liners?

*This only works if you live in a northern climate where it reaches freezing temperatures for a good part of the winter. Rink must be constructed before freeze.


• Large level area for construction
• Wooden planks, 2"x10"x10’, maybe some planks ripped narrower
• Stakes
• String
• Deck screws
• One very large 6 mil/10 mil clear string reinforced or 6 mil/10 mil clear plastic sheeting liner roll
• pea gravel
• water
• tolerant neighbors


1. Measure an accurate rectangular area the size of desired rink.

2. Water will seek a level. Drive a temporary stake at each corner. Connect each stake with a taut string to measure level. Adjust string until it measures level at all points. String should be approximately 10 inches from ground at lowest point.

3. Lay out wooden planks around perimeter of string. Planks should be 2 inches thick and 10 inches wide.

4. Permanent stakes will be on outer side of plank walls. Starting at any corner, drive a permanent stake into ground, removing temporary stake if necessary. Stand first plank on edge against stake. Align top of plank to level of string. Attach plank to stake firmly with long deck screws.

5. At unattached end of plank, drive second stake, allowing room to overlap for next plank. Level to string. Attach plank to stake with screws.

6. Repeat for each plank, until level wall of planks, reinforced by stakes, is completed.

7. There may be gaps between bottom of planks and ground due to level. Fill large gaps with narrower planks.

8. Reinforce with extra stakes between lengths of planks. Cut off all stakes to level of planks or lower. Remove temporary corner stakes and string.

9. Fill entire rink half full of pea gravel. Level thoroughly.

10. It is not easy to form 6 mil/10 mil clear string reinforced or 6 mil/10 mil clear plastic sheeting into the shape of a box, but it is crucial to the project. Remember the massive weight of water that will push into this box. Weak construction will ensure failure. Cover entire rink with 10 mil woven plastic sheeting. Be careful not to snag or rip plastic. Plastic sheeting should be large enough to cover pea gravel base, and then up and over plank walls. Keep wrinkles in plastic to a minimum. Press plastic liner into base completely to edges and fold up walls. Fold all corners neatly. Fold and staple 10 mil woven plastic sheeting liner neatly around outside edge of plank walls. Trim excess liner if needed.

11. Fill with water.

12. Wait for hard freeze.

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